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Big Lines, Badass Women: Natalya Diehm

It has been a while since I last updated my blog, but I found a video floating around and thought that it was worthy of a post. In the last few years I have been working hard to hone my skills as a mountain biker, DH biker, and now, because apparely I can't resist buying bikes, I am working on my DJ skills. The pump track is a place that seems simple but can pack a punch and I spend most of my time flailing around and missing features due to my terrible flow. When I see a video like the one that was just released of 15 year old Australian Freestyle BMX athlete, Natalya Diehm, I experience a moment of awe followed by iritation that I did not grow up doing this sport. I don't remember when I learned to ski, and shredding snow is far more natural to me that walking at this point. For biking, I have to work hard with every turn and jump. I over analyze everything and often end up getting violent reality checks as I fly through the air, not with the greatest of ease. For Natalyia, there is a grace in all of her movements, even in her crashes. I look forward to seeing what this girl is capable of and in the mean time I am going to go practice a lot harder at my local bike park. 


Natalya Diehm 2013 Edit from Ikikyabut on Vimeo.