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Epic East Coast Weekend

It had been a balmy winter in Vermont before the weekend of February 26th and 27th. I was contemplating taking up speed walking as a second sport due to the lack of snow. Moral was running low to say the least, but things were looking up for my graduate degree due to all of the time I was spending indoors. I convinced myself that skiing ice moguls was not all that bad and that at least I was building up some strength for the upcoming competitions out west (most of which have been cancelled by the way). The one consolation was that no one else was getting snow either, and I am one of those people who likes to know that everyone else is having a sucky time skiing too.

Then the skies opened up for three days straight and dumped over 30 inches on Mount Mansfield. Saturday February 26th was amazing, and I was able to ski with writer and photographer Berne Broudy and her husband and co-owner of the Outdoor Gear Exchange, Mike Donohue. We had an absolute blast lapping the Stowe side country in blower pow. I was literally choking on snow, which was a nice surprise. The next day I went out for my first day with the Meathead Films crew and my fiancé and photographer Dana Allen to get some epic shots. Below is what I ended up with for stills. Hopefully there will be some video to come. We will see. The East Coast brought the goods that weekend, and I made it my mission to partake as much as possible. Ski The East!