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Jim Norm Jack, The Mayor and King of Freeskiing

It is a sad day when we loose someone so wonderful. Jim Norm Jack, head judge of the Freeskiing World Tour was killed in an avalanche at Steven’s Pass on February 17th, 2012. He was an inspiration to all skiers who participated in freeskiing, and was as close to an institution as one can get in a relatively young sport. I am not sure what I am going to do without his speech at the beginning of every event that I go to. He was the voice of reason and comfort in an extreme and crazy world that we athletes live in, and he was passionate about progressing freeskiing to the level he knew it deserved in the public’s eye. I hope that we don’t forget him, but I also hope that we don’t forget all of the hard work that he put it to create a foundation for a lasting skiing event that could challenge the likes of downhill, slalom, GS, and Super G in popularity and recognition. He wanted athletes to be well rounded and playful, but he also emphasized being smart and taking calculated risk. I will always remember this. Most importantly of all, he wanted us to have fun. Skiing is a recreation and I hope that I will have as much fun with it as Jim Jack did in his lifetime. May we all have that much fun…