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Snowpocalypse at Stowe

As many of you may know, the weather in North America has been a little off this winter. It is almost as if Ullr decided to punish us for all of out environmental degradation and so stole our snow away from us. When I moved back to Vermont to go to grad school, I was expecting to make compromises when it came to skiing, and so I think I have been dealing with the poor skiing conditions better than most because I had such low expectations to begin with. I thought of skiing ice moguls as a way to build strength for my competitions and slower paced days with friends as a way to reconnect with the Vermont community that I left years ago. Despite trying to keep an open mind, I was getting a little down about having no new snow in months. Even worse than out west is the fact that on the East Coast, it rains when it doesn’t snow, which just adds insult to injury. The weather reporters here in VT have a lot of fancy words for rain, but we all know what “Wintry mix” and “immature snow” mean. We are not fooled, especially when we are getting soaked on the chair lift.


And then came the snowpocalypse…

There is something about powder in eastern woods that seems deeper, although this feeling could be due to the fact that I am only 5’2 so everything seems deep to me. February 25th was truly amazing though. I had full on white room moments where I could not see a thing which is a little scary here in Stowe where there are so many trees to try to avoid. At long last we had the storm we were waiting for, and I was together enough to remember my GoPro. If you are watching this edit from out west, then I only hope that you too get to have your powder day like this some time soon.