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Skiing In The Rain

Because I am going to graduate school at the University of Vermont, I am stuck living in Burlington for a few years. As you may know, North America is lacking in the snow department this winter, which is emotionally stressful and also not good for trying to keep in skiing shape. Even worse is the fact that here in Vermont, unlike Colorado and California, it rains when it doesn’t snow which is even more depressing. I wake up in the morning in the city and not only have to motivate to drive to the mountains, I have to try to talk myself into believing that skiing in a drizzle is worth the effort and the gas money. 

Today was one of those days, but unlike yesterday when I chose to watch bad reality T.V., eat lots of tuna fish in hopes of not getting fat, and drink from 4:00pm on, I got my ass out of bed and into the car. Rain skiing is something that west coast people sneer at. They think, "yick, who in their right mind would willingly sit on a chair lift in a driving rain storm?" Well, the answer is, my silly ass. There are some benefits to skiing in the rain, however. For one, I will not have to spend as much money on skin cancer treatments from hanging out in sunny weather all the time. The other big reason to go skiing on days like this is that the snow is edgeable and the tourists are scarce. If you want you can meet me on the mountain next rain storm…or stay home and leave all the shredding to me.