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Bike Spy

For a project that I am working on at the University of Vermont, I have decided to invent a way for people who get harassed by drivers, other bikers, or whoever else on the road to rant a little about their experiences.The idea is to share and so I hope that this will hold people a little more accountable for their selfish actions.

Here is where you can post a comment about a good or bad experience that you have had on the road in Burlington, Vermont. This fall I was riding just outside of Burlington on Dorset st. and decided after getting harassed by two people that it was time to take action. I hate that drivers can yell at bikers, and even sometimes be physically aggressive and then just take off and not be held accountable. I am hoping to fix that by starting a Bike Spy. Much like Eye Spy in the Burlington Newspaper Seven Days, just post a comment about where and when your experience was. Even if the drivers (or anyone else harassing you for that matter) are never caught, It will make me feel better, and hopefully you too.

Burlington Bike Spy Map

View Biker I Spy in a larger map

Please make sure that when you are posting your infraction locations that you respect others and make sure you are not deleting another post. Below are the instructions for how to post on this map.

1. Click on "View Larger Map" under the map image above

2. Log In to your Google account

3. Click on the red "Edit" button to the left of the screen.

4. Click on the "Placemark" button at the top of the Burlington Bike Spy Map and place it on the point of the infraction.

5. Include a description of the infraction and any other details that you can think of to identify the harasser. There is nothing official about this yet, but there may be in the future, so if you can get a license plate, post it here.

If you would like to report an incident, go to the Local Motion website's "Report Recklessness" page and fill out the law enforcement document they have posted. This document was not intended for emergency use, so just understand that when you use it you comments will go to the local police database. If anything, they will be able to identify cars and individuals that have a harassment record.