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Working for the Weekend: Vermont shredding

Here is the latest webisode from Ski The East and Meathead Films featuring Ben Leoni and yours truly. It was a low snow year, but a lot of fun and way better than sitting on the couch. 



Pretty Faces, an all female ski film!!!!!!!!

When I got the opportunity to put together an East Coast segment for the all female film “Pretty Faces,” produced by Unicorn Picnic Productions and organized by fellow freeskier Lynsey Dyer, I was acutely aware that this could be a game changer not just for myself but for all of the women and girls involved and all who watched the film. It will be a chance to show the world that women are capable of great things and that we do not need to cater to a men’s standard to stand out. We ski for ourselves and have our own style. We are powerful athletes in our own right and deserve to be acknowledged. It is wonderful to be affiliated with a companies such as Mammut, Scott Sports, and DPS Skis who understand the value of women in skiing and without their help I would have a much harder time achieving my own goals in freeskiing. These companies help further the sport of skiing for women by increasing access and comfort  through quality products when we choose to push our physical and mental boundaries. 

Please help with the Kickstarter campaign for Pretty Faces over the next few weeks. We have decided to do a crowd source funding initiative because it is our friends and family who have the ability to make women in skiing a lasting presence. Your help will make our dream a reality. Check out the link to the Kickstarter campaign here:


and the promo video that will give you a taste of the awesomeness to come!



Catching Up With Winter

What with skiing, grad school and crossfit as of late, I lead an awesome but busy life, and so sometimes run out of time and energy to update my blog. I am finally taking it upon myslef to post some of my most recent achievements from the east and west. There will be more to come but I thought I would start everything off right by making sure I am all up to date.

This fall was marked with a great achievement for me with my film debut in the Meathead Films production "No Matter What." I was thrilled to have a sizeable segment of shredding at Stowe Mountain Resort with Griffin Dunne. Those powder days last year were unforgettable. 




Just recently, a webisode with some unseen footage from "No Matter What" was released and I have to say that I am proud of some of my skiing highlited in this segment. I am still getting used to filming and so was not as fluid as I could have been but I am still stoked to have a part in the Ski The East mini series and am looking forward to shredding for the camera again this year.

"No Matter How" Meathead Films Webisode

I was nervous to move back to the east coast when I decided to go to graduate school in Vermont, but having the opportunity to work with Ski The East and Meathead Films has been wonderful and I am very excited to be able to work with rad people in rad places. Hope you enjoy the films!


Epic East Coast Weekend

It had been a balmy winter in Vermont before the weekend of February 26th and 27th. I was contemplating taking up speed walking as a second sport due to the lack of snow. Moral was running low to say the least, but things were looking up for my graduate degree due to all of the time I was spending indoors. I convinced myself that skiing ice moguls was not all that bad and that at least I was building up some strength for the upcoming competitions out west (most of which have been cancelled by the way). The one consolation was that no one else was getting snow either, and I am one of those people who likes to know that everyone else is having a sucky time skiing too.

Then the skies opened up for three days straight and dumped over 30 inches on Mount Mansfield. Saturday February 26th was amazing, and I was able to ski with writer and photographer Berne Broudy and her husband and co-owner of the Outdoor Gear Exchange, Mike Donohue. We had an absolute blast lapping the Stowe side country in blower pow. I was literally choking on snow, which was a nice surprise. The next day I went out for my first day with the Meathead Films crew and my fiancé and photographer Dana Allen to get some epic shots. Below is what I ended up with for stills. Hopefully there will be some video to come. We will see. The East Coast brought the goods that weekend, and I made it my mission to partake as much as possible. Ski The East!


Snowpocalypse at Stowe

As many of you may know, the weather in North America has been a little off this winter. It is almost as if Ullr decided to punish us for all of out environmental degradation and so stole our snow away from us. When I moved back to Vermont to go to grad school, I was expecting to make compromises when it came to skiing, and so I think I have been dealing with the poor skiing conditions better than most because I had such low expectations to begin with. I thought of skiing ice moguls as a way to build strength for my competitions and slower paced days with friends as a way to reconnect with the Vermont community that I left years ago. Despite trying to keep an open mind, I was getting a little down about having no new snow in months. Even worse than out west is the fact that on the East Coast, it rains when it doesn’t snow, which just adds insult to injury. The weather reporters here in VT have a lot of fancy words for rain, but we all know what “Wintry mix” and “immature snow” mean. We are not fooled, especially when we are getting soaked on the chair lift.


And then came the snowpocalypse…

There is something about powder in eastern woods that seems deeper, although this feeling could be due to the fact that I am only 5’2 so everything seems deep to me. February 25th was truly amazing though. I had full on white room moments where I could not see a thing which is a little scary here in Stowe where there are so many trees to try to avoid. At long last we had the storm we were waiting for, and I was together enough to remember my GoPro. If you are watching this edit from out west, then I only hope that you too get to have your powder day like this some time soon.