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Being a "Pro Skier"

You might ask why a pro skier would bother going to grad school. Well the answer is that despite the prestigious title, I do not actually make a living on the slopes. I have won a grand total of $2000 over the course of the three seasons that I have been competing. This realistically has only covered the last two years worth of entry fees. In addition to paying entry fees for the events even though I am prequalified, I still have to pay for plane tickets to Colorado, Canada, and California from the east coast in addition to lodging and lift tickets. Yes, our tour organizers, Mountain Sports International and the Freeskiing World Tour cannot give us lift tickets because ski resorts do not give anything away, even to the people that help build their reputation. All told it is a huge amount of money that we are expected to pay to be able to call ourselves “Professional skiers.” Don’t get me wrong; I am not complaining about traveling around the world and getting helicoptered to the tops of mountains, I just wish that some kind person or company would step in and help a little bit. There are tour sponsors such as North Face, Subaru and Swatch, but I have not gotten any gear from North Face, or a car from Subaru. I did get a nice watch from Swatch, but it was a men’s watch so I gave it to my fiancé. The moral of this story is that despite the glory of Big Mountain Skiing, the reality is that it is not a sustainable lifestyle for most of us athletes. That is why I am studying Land Management Planning so that I can learn how to help communities build and maintain trail systems. Until then, I might have to sell my car and buy a horse so that I can afford to keep skiing. Ahh, the life…