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Big Lines, Badass Women: Nat Segal

This week has been a good week for amazing ski edits, and once again I am excited about the skiing that another friend of mine has put out here for the world to see. Nat Segal is bubbly and excited about every second that she spends on her skis. She hails from Australia but travels around the world and before she blew her ACL last year, was crushing skulls on the Freeride World Tour in Europe, Canada, and New Zealand. I am stoked to see what she has in store for us this year. I remember the first competition run I ever saw from Nat, and I thought, shit, she is totally going to kick my ass. She has the creativity and passion which are the most important ingredients in a good skier. She also dosen't mind standing around in the cold, although she is sponsored by Astis Mittens, so her hands will be warm until hell freezes over. She is someone to keep an eye out for as she shreds around the globe.



Big Lines, Badass Women: Vanessa Aadland

Tis' the season for fall edit premiers and teasers that get us pumped for winter. In my search to find the amazing women who shred from around the world, I was reminded recently of how incredible the women are who I once competed with. Vanessa is one of those women. Just in case you were wondering, Vanessa goes big, really really big...and she has one of the most buttery styles I have ever seen. It is a pleasure to watch her ski and I could definitely learn a few things from her. To go with her shred ability, she has a zen personality and can do all sorts of yoga poses that I have only seen on posters. This girl has her head on straight. She loves sking and keeps it fun. She has mental and physical balance, and it shows with every turn that she makes. I hope you enjoy her edit as much as I did. 




SheJumps and Female Inspiration

Lately I have been increasingly interested in an organization started by a professional skier named Lyndsey Dyer that has been working hard to further the representation of women in freeride sports whether they be, skiers, bikers, surfers etc. SheJumps is the name of the organization and their mission is to "increase female participation in outdoor activities by building upon a supportive community that inspires its members to reach their highest potential." I am loving the material that they have been putting on their webite and I thought I would share some of my favorite inspirations on my site as well. Be sure to check SheJumps out and become a part of their community if you are a woman who likes to support other women in doing what we love outside, or even if you are a man who likes to support your lovely female counterparts in their adventures. Here is the latest video that hit a chord with me. I don't surf, but I think I might have to learn how. 

"Beyond The Surface" A Documentary Film Project from Dave Homcy on Vimeo.